Disposing Of Bulky Furniture Responsibly With JC Movers

Disposing Of Bulky Furniture Responsibly With JC Movers

Whether you are moving to your new house or are planning to update your furnishings, tossing your old and bulky furniture at your void deck, walkway, or along the curb of your street is not the most responsible method. In fact, it is even illegal in Singapore, with first-time offenders liable to a fine of up to $50,000, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or both.

JC Movers’ team of professional movers offers furniture removal and disposal services in addition to other services, such as commercial movers and storage. Discover a step-by-step guide on engaging professional disposal services.

Assessing your furniture

Before conducting any bulky furniture disposal, it is best to assess their condition to determine if they can be repurposed, repaired, or salvaged. If they are still in good, usable condition, consider donating them to a local charity or selling them to someone who might benefit from using them.

One popular platform to give away or sell your pre-loved furniture is Carousell. However, if they are deemed beyond repair, they should be disposed of properly.

Top tips to declutter your space

There is a sense of liberation that comes when you declutter your space. Whether you are moving to your new house or want to clear out some space in your home, decluttering and getting rid of less-used items is the way to go.

To make the decluttering process more efficient, begin by sorting your personal items into various categories, such as discard, sell, donate, or keep. Recognising that these items no longer serve a purpose in your life will help you achieve some sort of order.

  • Separate out the areas in your home and plan a decluttering schedule for each one of them
  • Start small by decluttering one space at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Donate or sell items that are still in good, usable condition to a local charity or individuals
  • Items such as glass, plastic, and paper can be recycled
  • Hazardous materials such as batteries and old paint must be disposed of at designated drop-off locations

How to dispose of bulky furniture responsibly

Even when your furniture has maximised its lifespan and purpose and needs to be disposed of, it is imperative to handle it responsibly. Not only will you avoid any legal troubles, but you also can help to keep the environment clean and sustainable in the long run. Here are some factors to consider when disposing of bulky furniture.

  • Local regulations: Depending on where you stay, whether public or private, your local area might have specific regulations and rules on furniture disposal.
  • Materials used: Various materials, such as plastic, fabric, metal, and wood, require specific disposal methods. Know what your furniture is made of so you can dispose of it appropriately.
  • Condition of the furniture: Before deciding to throw away your pre-loved furniture, assess its condition. If they are still in good condition, consider selling or donating them rather than throwing them away.

Being aware of these factors will help you make a sounder decision when it comes to clearing unwanted furniture.

Engaging JC Movers to dispose of your furniture responsibly

1. Scheduling your furniture pick-up

The first step after sorting out the furniture that is to be disposed of is to schedule a pick-up with a service provider like JC Movers. You may contact us to arrange a convenient time and date for us to go down to your location and collect the furniture you are disposing of. A full lorry load will cost you no more than $500. It is best to book in advance. However, we will consider urgent requests depending on our availability.

2. What to expect on disposal day

On the agreed disposal day, our team of 3 to 4 movers will arrive at your home at the scheduled time, ready to clear your furniture. We will assess the furniture so that we know which designated disposal facilities we might need to go to. Our experienced team will handle everything, ensuring an efficient and fuss-free process for you.

Understanding that our professional movers are experts and experienced in disposing of bulky furniture will offer you peace of mind, knowing that your old furniture will be disposed of in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability sets us apart as the moving company for your disposal needs.

Additional tips for a smoother disposal process

For a more efficient furniture disposal process, it is vital to follow these tips. Ensure that every piece of furniture that is to be disposed of is labelled properly to avoid any unnecessary confusion, lest they clear the wrong furniture. Also, disassemble larger furniture pieces to make it easier for them to take them out of your house.

The safety of both the movers and your home is vital during the clearing of your old furniture. Ensure that there are no obstacles blocking the pathway. It is also vital to put on safety equipment, such as wearing gloves and masks, should you be handling the furniture on your own.


Disposing of bulky furniture is not as simple as throwing them at your rubbish chute or outside your home. There are proper ways to adhere to, and it is up to us to dispose of them responsibly.

JC Movers provides a responsible and reliable solution for furniture disposal. Our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly disposal practices ensures that your old and unwanted items are handled to the utmost standards. By choosing our services, you can rest assured that they will be disposed of responsibly, minimising and reducing environmental impacts and wastes. Contact us today to inquire about our range of moving, disposal, and storage services and get a complimentary onsite assessment.

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