Moving Sustainably: Recycling Your Moving Supplies

Moving Sustainably: Recycling Your Moving Supplies

Moving to a new office space or a new home is an exciting chapter in life, offering new opportunities and a fresh start. However, along with it comes a significant amount of waste, impacting the environment adversely. In Singapore, where land is limited, and sustainability is an increasing concern, it is vital to consider sustainable practices during your move.

In this article, we will delve into the essentials of moving sustainably and how Singaporeans like yourself can make environmentally conscious decisions when moving.

How does moving impact the environment?

Moving, whether commercial or residential, involves a multitude of materials, many of which are disposable. The use of moving supplies, such as packing materials and cardboard boxes all contribute to increased carbon emissions, landfill waste, and deforestation. However, with mindful practices, individuals and commercial movers in Singapore can reduce these environmental footprints significantly.

Here are some ways to do so:

1. Carboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are quintessential in moving due to their durability and versatility. They help to contain the things that you are taking to your new space. However, they also represent a significant waste concern if not handled correctly.

Here are how you can handle them responsibly:

  • Break them down: Flattening cardboard boxes makes them easier to recycle or store. This straightforward act saves significant amounts of space in recycling bins and facilitates easier transportation to recycling facilities.
  • Check recycling guidelines: Singapore’s recycling guidelines stipulate how cardboard should be recycled or disposed. Ensure the boxes are free from any non-paper materials, such as labels and tapes, before disposing of them in recycling bins.
  • Repurpose: Consider reusing them for future moves or storage. They can also be creatively repurposed into your pet’s playhouse if you are moving with your pets.

2. Packing peanuts, packing paper, and bubble wraps

These materials are used to protect fragile items while moving. Instead of throwing them away, you can consider these options:

  • Reuse: Store them away for future use or offer them to local businesses, family, or friends who may be moving and require packing supplies.
  • Recycle: Packing paper can be disposed of at recycling bins along with other paper products. However, packing bubble wraps and packing peanuts may require specific way of handling. Do check with local recycling programmes for specific guidelines regarding these materials.

3. Packing tape

The adhesive nature of packing tape makes it challenging to recycle. Hence, reusing them or considering eco-friendly alternatives can help mitigate their environmental impact.

  • Save for repairs: Packing tape can be reused to seal boxes for storage or fix minor damages.
  • Use eco-friendly alternatives: Consider using paper-based tapes with natural adhesives.

4. Moving blankets

Moving blankets provide adequate cushioning to your belongings, preventing scratches while in motion. They are also beneficial in preventing unwanted shifting of items within the moving truck. You can increase its sustainability by:

  • Repurposing them: After moving, the blankets can be repurposed as protective covers during storage, soundproofing projects, or even pet bedding.
  • Donating them: If they are still in good condition after moving, consider donating them to animal rescue centres or charitable organisations.

5. Totes and plastic bins

Instead of using cardboard boxes, totes and plastic bins can be used to hold smaller items. They are ideal eco-friendly alternatives to cardboard boxes. However, more often than not, many just disposed of them after moving. You can increase its sustainability by:

  • Reusing them: Totes and plastic bins are great containers for long-term storage, organising your garage, or used as part of your new space’s storage solutions.
  • Donating them: If you have too many, consider donating the excess to community centres, schools, or charitable organisations.


Moving sustainably is not just about waste reduction but also about adopting sustainable practices that contribute to a greener environment. Considering the lifecycle of the materials you use, choosing eco-friendly alternatives, and recycling moving supplies can make a significant difference.

Here at JC Movers, we minimise the generated waste with our free onsite assessment, ensuring that we provide the number of boxes you will need for your move. With various services, such as storage and bulky furniture disposal services, we serve both residential and commercial customers. Contact us to find out more!

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