Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Secure Your Books Properly

A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Secure Your Books Properly

If you are someone who enjoys reading or has a lot of reading materials due to work commitments, then moving to a new home or office can be a complex affair, especially if you do not know where to start.

Proper packing of your books and any reading materials not only ensures that they do not get damaged during the moving process but also makes organising and unpacking much more efficient at your new home or office.

In this guide, we will share various tips and hacks to pack them efficiently, as well as how you can pack them without using your precious boxes.

1. Preparing for packing

Just like how you pack all your belongings, always take the opportunity before packing them up to assess and declutter your collection. Consider selling or donating books that you no longer read. Not only will you reduce the number of books you will be taking over to your new space, but it will also make it easier for you to unpack and organise them.

2. Gathering packing materials

Ensure that you have all your required supplies for packing. The fewer books you are taking to your new space, the lesser number of packing supplies you require. Sturdy cardboard boxes are ideal for moving your books safely. Additionally, you will need packing tape to secure the boxes as well as packing paper or bubble wrap to provide additional cushioning.

3. Sorting by category or genre

Organising your books will only make it easier to unpack in your new space. You might want to consider organising them according to subject, category, or genre.

4. Prioritising key books

If you have books or reading materials that you need immediate access to or read frequently, pack them separately from the rest. This will help you to locate them as soon as you settle down in your new space.

5. Proper packing methods

Always stack them vertically to reduce excessive pressure on the bindings. Alternatively, you can also alternate their orientation, packing one set upright and the other horizontally. Fill up any gaps between books with bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent them from shifting about during the moving process.

Packing books without using boxes

If you have a limited supply of cardboard boxes and do not wish to spend extra on getting more, there are alternatives to packing them properly. Here are some options:

1. Wrapped bundles

Instead of packing them in boxes, you can bundle similar-sized books together using bubble wrap or packing paper. Lay a sizeable stack of books horizontally on a sheet of bubble wrap or packing paper, fold it around the books, and secure it with a rope or tape. This method is ideal if you are not moving far.

2. Reusable shopping bags

Sturdy reusable shopping bags can be a convenient alternative. Stack them upright so that they will not be too heavy. You can tie the bag handles together to make it more secure during the moving process.

3. Travel bags and luggage

Rather than transporting empty luggage to your new place, why not utilise it to carry some stuff over? You can pack your books tightly, placing them spine-to-spine or flat and filling any gaps with soft items or clothing to prevent them from shifting about.

The ideal weight of a box of books

For your safety, it is best to keep the weight of your packed boxes between 14kg to 19kg, ensuring that they remain manageable, and reducing the risk of injury or straining when lifting and moving them.

With that being said, the best weight varies according to the density and size of the books, as well as your comfort and strength level. It is vital to prioritise comfort and safety when lifting boxes.


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