Top Tips For Moving Bulky & Heavy Furniture On Your Own

Top Tips For Moving Bulky & Heavy Furniture On Your Own

Moving to a new place on your own can be a challenging endeavour. However, with adequate precautions and a correct approach, you can accomplish it efficiently and safely.

In this post, we will take a look at some tips and strategies to help you move bulky and heavy furniture on your own successfully, minimising the risk of damaging and injuring your furniture or yourself, respectively.

Notable factors to consider before moving bulky and heavy furniture on your own

Before you move anything bulky and heavy, it is vital to have adequate precautions and preparation. Here are some notable factors you need to consider before moving them.

1. Plan and assess

Never move blindly or in a rush. Always give yourself adequate time to plan out your move. Consider both your current and new home’s layout, as well as any narrow and tight passages that might impede your moving process. You will also want to determine the size and weight of each item you will be bringing over to your new place so that you are aware if you need any additional equipment or help.

2. Clear your way

Remove any obstacles, such as clutter and rugs from your moving path so that you can avoid tripping as well as make it easier for you to move your belongings.

3. Measure hallways and doorways

It is vital to measure the dimensions of any staircases, hallways, and doorways in your current and new home to ensure that larger furniture have sufficient space to fit through. If the furniture is too big, you might want to look into disassembling them.

4. Wear proper attire

Wear proper and comfortable attire, such as covered shoes with a good grip to avoid falling or tripping over. Also, avoid wearing loose attire so that you can avoid getting your clothes caught on furniture or impede your movement. You might want to consider wearing gloves to protect your hands and improve your grip.

5. Protect your walls and floors

You do not want to hand over your current place, which is full of damages to its walls and floors, to its new owners. Neither do you want your new place to be damaged, especially when you just had it renovated. Hence, in order to protect your walls and floors during the move, consider putting up a protective barrier or furniture sliders, such as plastic sheets, blankets, and cupboards.

Proper lifting techniques to observe when moving bulky and heavy furniture on your own

When moving bulky and heavy furniture, it is vital to observe proper lifting techniques to avoid injuring your back. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Warm up

Before lifting anything heavy, always warm up your body by conducting light stretches. This will help prepare your muscles for physical activities.

2. Assess the furniture’s weight

Evaluate the furniture’s weight before lifting it. If it is too heavy to do it on your own, do not be embarrassed to seek help from your family or friends.

3. Observe good posture

You do not want to be arching your back as that will create stress on that region, increasing your risk of back injuries. Instead, stick close to your furniture with your feet shoulder-length apart. Instead of bending at your waist, keep your back straight and bend at your hips and knees.

4. Lift with your legs

Always lift with your legs rather than your back. Get yourself into a squatting position, then use your leg muscles while keeping your back straight, and stand up while gripping firmly onto your furniture.

5. Avoid twisting

Avoid twisting your body while moving your furniture. Instead, use your feet whenever you want to change your direction and pivot your entire body. Twisting your body while lifting heavy objects can add strain to your back, increasing your risk of injuries.


When it comes to moving bulky and heavy furniture, there are advantages to doing it on your own, such as saving you additional costs and ensuring they are well taken care of.

However, nothing beats the added convenience and efficiency of engaging in a professional home moving service. They handle every aspect of the moving process, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading, saving you energy, effort, and time.

Additionally, moving companies are well-equipped with the right moving tools, such as loading ramps, trucks, and trolleys, to make the moving process easier and more efficient. Whether you are looking for home movers or commercial movers in Singapore, JC Movers is able to help you with your moving needs.

Our moving team are well-experienced and well-equipped in every type of moves. Additionally, we also offer storage and bulky furniture disposal services. Feel free to contact us to get a quote on your move!

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