JC Movers To Expand Current Warehouse Options To Woodlands

JC Movers To Expand Current Warehouse Options To Woodlands

Earlier this year, on 21st March, JC Movers signed a lease for a brand new warehouse facility at Tampines, making that our second storage facility after the one at Jalan Ampas, Balestier.

It has been a good year, with the need for storage as well as residential and commercial movers in Singapore. We would like to announce that we are once again expanding our current storage options and will be signing a lease for a warehouse facility at Woodlands Industrial Park.

Similar to the other two warehouses, it will be 3,500 sqft with no air-conditioning as it runs the risk of humidity and moisture build-up, increasing the risk of mould development. With that being said, businesses or individuals dealing with more delicate items, such as electrical equipment, photographs, artworks, and musical instruments, can consider storing them at our Woodlands warehouse. When you store at any of our facilities, you are guaranteed round-the-clock security and weekly cleaning to ensure that your items are kept safe and far away from unwanted pests.

We are expanding our storage capacity so that we can meet the needs of our growing pool of customers. Engaging storage services comes with benefits. One of these is providing affordable options for families, restaurants, and offices who might be looking for a temporary solution while their space is undergoing renovation. With adequate storage space, you do not have to conduct bulky furniture disposal, especially if some of the items are of significant sentimental value.


Storage services are vital elements regardless of whether you are moving to a new home or office space. They are able to guarantee you a space to store your items while deciding which of them you are bringing over to your new space. In fact, as one of the leading residential and commercial moving companies in Singapore, JC Movers is able to ensure the safety and protection of every item.

So, if you are moving to your new location, whether a new home or office space, do not hesitate to engage our quality and affordable services. Our dedicated team of professional movers are all experienced, ensuring that our clients enjoy great convenience when they hire us.

So, contact us to inquire more and get a free onsite assessment and quote today!

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