5 Ways To Help You Save More Money During Your Moving Day

5 Ways To Help You Save More Money During Your Moving Day

Are you moving to a new office space or home? If so, it would be good to begin planning your moving budget, which will include elements such as moving services, cleaning services, as well as other services and elements like your packing boxes.

As you search on your preferred search engine for home and commercial movers in Singapore, you will find that there are many choices, including JC Movers. It is vital that you decide on the right moving company, one that combines value for money and efficiency.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to avoid spending unnecessarily during your move. Here are five ways to get you started.

1. Ask around for boxes

Most moving companies in Singapore will include packing boxes in their services. Whether you are engaging our commercial moving services or residential moving services, JC Movers will provide complimentary packing boxes, up to four moving crews, shrink wrap protection for every furniture and box, and free onsite assessment.

However, should you find that the provided packing boxes are not sufficient, you can try to get boxes from places such as your office, liquor stores, post offices, or even supermarkets. Most of these places will have “discarded” boxes that they intend to get rid of after their usual delivery orders. That way, not only are you helping them to get rid of their used boxes, but you also get to avoid spending on buying boxes for your move.

2. Sell your less-used or unwanted items

You do not have to bring every single item over to your new office space or home. If you have always wanted to downscale the items you own, moving is the opportune moment to get rid of them. What better way to “dispose” and earn some extra bucks at the same time than selling them? Singapore has many avenues and platforms where you can sell less-used or unwanted items in useable conditions, such as Carousell, Cash Converters, Facebook Marketplace, and Gumtree.

Alternatively, you can even conduct a garage sale by sending out flyers to your neighbourhood. That way, your neighbours can enjoy new items at a more affordable rate, too!

3. Donate your less-used or unwanted items

If selling seems like a hassle and if the items are still in great condition, another alternative to “getting rid” of less-used or unwanted items would be to donate them to those in need. You can contact a charity organisation within your neighbourhood to inquire about donating those items. Alternatively, there are platforms, such as Singapore Freecycle and Pass It On, where you can list the items you are giving away, and anybody who is interested can claim them.

4. Be aware of what is covered by moving services

When searching for moving services, knowing the extent of their service coverage is vital. By being aware of the details of their service package, you are able to gauge the cost of each service item better. These may include packing and unpacking assistance, provision of packing materials, and competitive pricing. By doing your duly research, you are then able to evaluate better how much you will save by engaging their services.

5. Avoid those extra fees

Before you decide on a particular moving service provider, check for any hidden charges in the contract. You can save so much more without having to be surprised with hidden charges. Make sure to look at the contract carefully, clarifying with your moving service provider any additional cost that is not part of the main services.


Moving can be a costly affair. Hence, every opportunity to save costs is vital. You can easily avoid spending unnecessarily by asking around for boxes, selling or donating your less-used or unwanted, checking the moving service contract thoroughly, and clarifying any hidden charges.

Here at JC Movers, we provide an extensive range of moving services, from residential and commercial moving services to storage and bulky furniture disposal services. We take pride in being transparent and open about our costs. So, do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about our services today!

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