7 Moving Hacks You Can Utilise For A Fuss-Free Process

7 Moving Hacks You Can Utilise For A Fuss-Free Process

Moving to a new office or home brings along a fever of anticipation. As the day to move draws closer, it can sometimes bring along an increasing wave of anxiety, too. You begin to cross things off your checklist. You are also ironing out every little detail while being in constant contact with the home or commercial office movers.

Nevertheless, if you have not planned adequately, your moving process can get slightly overwhelming. Fortunately, we have compiled seven moving tips and hacks that you can utilise for a fuss- and worry-free process.

1. Give yourself an adequate amount of time. Start packing early to avoid panicking.

You should not overestimate or underestimate yourself when it comes to moving day. Moving to a new office space or home does not only involve physical labour, but it also involves giving yourself sufficient time to plan out the entire process. Using a couple of weekends leading up to the day itself allows you to pack away less-used items.

2. De-clutter. Keep what you need and clear what you do not need.

Moving opens the ideal opportunity for you to reorganise your office or home. Dispose of every item you know you will not use at your new location — Prioritise practicality. If the items are still in pretty good condition, you can even consider giving them away to the less fortunate or selling them on second-hand marketplaces. However, if you are disposing of them, ensure that you dispose of them properly.

3. Take pictures of your electrical wiring before disconnecting them.

A quick record of your electrical items, such as computers and TVs, will help you reconnect them in your new space much easier. Hence, whether you are a tech genius, always take the side of caution and take pictures of your electronics’ plugins and wirings before disconnecting them.

4. Tag everything. Label your items while you pack.

Moving is a physically draining activity. No matter how strong or fit you may be, you might not have the energy or time to unpack every single item when you are in your new space. It might even take you up to a couple of weeks before you are settled down fully. In those situations, nothing helps you better than well-labelled boxes.

With well-labelled boxes, you are able to know exactly what you are unpacking and where to put them aside if you are leaving for a later time to unpack. You can label your items in three manners:

  • Colour coding according to rooms or spaces in your home or office.
  • Tagging them according to different categories according to various time slots or importance.
  • Pack your essentials in a separate box as you would have to use them immediately after arriving at your new space.

5. Be careful with breakables or fragile items.

Bubble wrap is vital in packing items, especially ones that are fragile or breakable, such as mirrors, lights, and dishes. Alternatively, you may also utilise your thicker clothing items, towels, or napkins to protect fragile or breakable items.

6. Settle your utilities. Ensure that the basic ones are functioning when you arrive at your new place.

While moving can sometimes leave your mind packed with many worries, utilities are one of the things you should not overlook. The last thing you want would be to reach your new office or home and find that you do not have access to heating, water, or electricity. In addition to ensuring that your new space has access to basic facilities, you would also want to ensure that you cancel your existing ones at your old place before you move out. After all, you do not want to receive a surprise for bills at a place you are no longer using.

7. Source for “free” boxes.

Depending on how many items you are bringing over to your new space, you will need to have lots of packing boxes to store or move your stuff. Most moving services, including JC Movers, will provide them. However, it might not be sufficient. Do not worry about buying packing boxes. You can easily get them for free from your local retail stores or grocers.


Moving to your new home or office can be a stressful process. However, with the right process, you are able to avoid having to fuss or worry. Of course, apart from the above-mentioned tips and hacks, do not forget to have adequate rest before moving. The whole process can be tiring, and a well-rested night before can make a lot of difference.

Nevertheless, you should consider engaging commercial movers, such as JC Movers. Not only do we offer home and commercial moving services, but we also offer storage and furniture disposal services. Contact us to find out more!

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