5 Things Not To Be Missed When Moving To A New Office Space

5 Things Not To Be Missed When Moving To A New Office Space

An office move does bring about a stressful time. However, the most challenging aspect of moving to a new office space is ensuring that business operations run as normal while the move is ongoing.

While setting up, getting quotations, pre-surveys, and packing are quintessential processes; there are other elements that most business owners overlook in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of moving to their new office.

Here are 5 things not to be missed when you move to a new office space.

1. Protect your cables

Most offices will have tons of cable work done, from electrical wiring to fibre optic internet. Messing any of these up during the move can severely impact your ongoing business. In addition, you will want to detach and pack your cables properly during the move. Not ensuring so may lead to unnecessary time wasted attempting to untangle them and figuring out where they should be installed in the new office space. Lastly, cables, such as fibre optic ones, should not be bent and folded, lest breaking them.

2. Get your employees to pack their personal belongings

Moving to a new office space is more than just the business owner’s job. It also involves getting the rest of your company ready to move. They can start by packing away some of their more personal items that might not be connected to their job. Inform them as early as possible so that they are given ample time to decide what they want to keep or clear. Doing so also ensures that their work will not be disrupted because they are busy packing.

3. Maintain the safety of physical customers’ records

Experienced and professional movers are the best choice, especially when your business deals with large volumes of customer records. Some fundamental steps to help you enjoy a smoother office move are to:

  • Inform the office relocation movers that you will need to complete your office move within a day.
  • Ensure that there is not a long gap between moving from your old office to your new one. Improper storage can lead to damage to customer records.

4. Maintain proper filing order, even during the move

Depending on how much filing and paperwork is involved with your company, it can take a couple of months to even years to manage business filing efficiently. An office move should not mean that such an order should be shifted or re-arranged in your new space. Experienced office movers are experienced in moving huge numbers of physical documents, paper, and files without changing your order.

5. Take extra care of your electronic data

Moving to your new office is more than just shifting your office furniture and items to your new space. While it is nevertheless important, electronic data is a crucial aspect that links to your business’s core. From hard drives and servers to laptops and computers, ensuring that professional movers take extra care when packing and moving them is vital in avoiding any data corruption.


Moving to a new office space can be a hassling process. However, with adequate planning and engaging the right office movers, the actual day of moving will pass smoothly. Here at JC Movers, we are one of the leading commercial and house-moving companies in Singapore. In addition, we also offer bulky furniture disposal as well as storage services.

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