How Many Days Of Leave Should I Take When Moving House?

How Many Days Of Leave Should I Take When Moving House?

The process of moving homes involves a couple of days off work. From the day you purchase the supplies necessary for moving to the moving day itself, it can take a while to complete everything.

While it is never straightforward to figure out the appropriate amount of time needed to move, most homeowners estimate based on several factors, such as the size of their home, amount of items to move to the new place, and how much help they have got.

Hence, proper planning is necessary in order to not feel stressed throughout the moving process. You might also want to consider applying for work leave in order to concentrate on the move. To help you plan your work leave application, here are some factors to consider to estimate how many days you require.

1. Size of your current home

You can probably begin packing up your home as late as a week from your moving date if you live in a tiny apartment, such as a one-bedder or a studio apartment. However, if your current place is at least a two-bedder or more, organising your packing days according to each room might help you stay organised.

Depending on how many items you own and the size of each room, the best allocation would be 2-3 days of packing per room. Do not forget to purchase packing essentials, such as packing paper, boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

2. Consider your home’s content

Generating a moving inventory with tasks can help speed up the moving process efficiently. The rule is pretty straightforward, the more items you own, the more time necessary to pack. For example, a kitchen with multiple shelving, drawers, and cabinets could take a couple of days to pack. In fact, there is a process to pack the kitchen.

It all depends on how much stuff you currently own versus how much stuff you are bringing over to your new place. Additionally, if you are a collector of unique items, those items require additional attention during packing.

3. Your organisational skills

Being organised makes your life much easier when moving to your new place. What we meant by organisational skills is how you store or keep your current items in your current place. If they are properly kept together with similar items, it will be much easier to pack everything without having to spend time sorting through your items. Each unorganised room requires an additional day to sort through. In the end, for less used or spoilt items, you might want to consider selling, donating, or engaging furniture removal and disposal services to clear them.

4. Engaging professional moving services

One benefit of engaging professional movers, such as JC Movers, is that they offer complete packing, moving, and unpacking services that are conducted professionally and full of experience. Most of the moving company’s services will also include insurance should there be any damage incurred to your items during the move.

You might also want to engage professional cleaners to clean up your old and new places too. However, of course, if you have friends and family to help on that day, you can save significant time and money by getting them to help. Of course, do not forget to thank them at the end of the day with a nice meal.

3 tips to help you spend less time packing

These tips are for anybody who is not able to apply for many days of leave.

1. Prioritise important documents

Important documents, such as your medical records, travel arrangements, birth certificates, veterinary records, and passports, should be prioritised in your packing process. You can pack all of your important documents in a bag or box, label them properly, and keep them with you during moving day. Do not allow the moving company to move them.

2. Stock up on packing supplies

At JC Movers, our moving packages also consist of packing boxes. However, it is always highly recommended to stock up on your own supplies just in case. Vital packing supplies are tapes, bubble wrap, packing paper, plastic wraps, blankets, markets, scissors, and boxes.

3. Do not empty the dresser and desk drawers

You create more work when you empty your drawer contents. Hence, rather than emptying them, wrapping them in plastic wrap is a faster way to pack them. You can employ the same method with small file cabinets and chests that are not too heavy or bulky to carry.


Moving takes more than just the moving day itself; it is a long process that can take up to at least a week to complete packing. However, it all depends on how much stuff you are bringing over to your new place, how organised you are in your current home, and how many available days you have for packing.

Here at JC Movers, we offer a wide range of moving services, from office relocation movers to storage services. Our team of movers is highly experienced and dedicated to offering the best moving services for your specific needs.

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