6 Steps To Help You Ready Your Fridge For Moving Day

6 Steps To Help You Ready Your Fridge For Moving Day

It can often be easy to overlook certain steps when moving to a new space, such as clearing unnecessary items. One of which is readying your fridge in advance for the move. Readying your fridge for the move does not necessarily mean having to consume every leftover and clearing the fridge prior to moving day.

To help prevent unnecessary food wastage and make your transition more straightforward, we have compiled six fundamental steps you can follow to ready your fridge for moving day, making things more efficient for the house movers.

Step #1: Clear expired ingredients

Preparing your fridge for moving day is the ideal opportunity for you to clear out your fridge, especially if you are one of those who find it hard to clean your fridge every now and then. You can do so by removing every food content from their containers and tossing them out. For food items that have not been opened, consider giving them away to family, friends, or neighbours.

Step #2: Pack away unfinished food in the cooler

For ingredients in your fridge that have not expired but have been consumed, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient ice and a cooler bag to ensure that those food items remain chilled throughout the moving process and during the cooling down process after the fridge has been moved.

Step #3: Switch off and disconnect your fridge the night before

It is vital to allow sufficient time for your fridge’s evaporator to defrost before moving day, lest you risk causing your fridge severe damage. Switching off your fridge the night before the move will allow the oil and fluids ample time to settle and not move through the compressor. Additionally, if your fridge comes with an automatic icemaker, you might want to disconnect the water hose and clear every piece of ice to avoid unnecessary damage, spills, and leaks.

Step #4: Disinfect every surface thoroughly

As soon as your fridge is switched off and allowed to settle, you can begin cleaning and disinfecting it thoroughly, removing every tray and shelf. During this process, take the opportunity to wipe every corner of the fridge, disinfecting them as you go. That way, you are able to enjoy a clean, fresh fridge at your new home.

Step #5: Remove every tray and shelf, wrapping them separately

It is highly recommended to remove every tray and shelf in the fridge, wrapping them separately in order to protect your fridge. Once you have disconnected the fridge from the power and cleaned it thoroughly, roll up the power cable, taping it to the back of the fridge. Secure the doors using ropes or bungee cords. If you want to, you may also wrap the fridge with bubble wrap to further protect them from scratches and unwanted damage.

Step #6: Engage professional movers

The best thing you can do when moving to a new home and especially when moving bulky furniture, is to engage professional moving services. JC Movers’ team of professional movers are equipped with all the crucial protective packaging materials to ensure your furniture is properly protected during the moving process.


Once you have completed your moving day and are starting to settle down in your new home, it is vital to let your fridge stand in its new location for a couple of hours before turning on the power for it. Once reconnected, allow at least a day or so for the fridge to get to the right temperature before adding food to it.

Experience a hassle-free move by engaging in professional moving services. With the right moving equipment and experience, our trusted team of experienced movers is able to move your belongings and furniture to your new home without any worries. Additionally, we also offer furniture removal and disposal services and commercial mover services. Contact us to book a moving appointment with us today!

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