Top 3 Items You Need To Clear Before Moving To Your New Home

Top 3 Items You Need To Clear Before Moving To Your New Home

Are you moving to your new crib? If you have not begun decluttering and disposal of furniture at your current place, you might want to consider doing so soon. Moving to a new home can be a tedious and stressful process, especially when you have lots to pack and shift to your new place. Besides personal items, such as clothes, you also need to consider moving bulky items, such as furniture, too!

Decluttering way before your moving day can help you to pack and move lesser stuff, which in the end, means a hassle-free and more straightforward moving process. When you declutter unnecessary and less-used items, you get rid of specific items that no longer serve you sufficiently. Hence, to help you determine where to begin, we have outlined three key areas you can start with for an easier transition.

1. Clothing you have not worn for a long time

Moving to your new place is the ideal opportunity to start afresh, clearing up and organising your wardrobe. Especially in a country like Singapore, where space is a limiting factor, decluttering your clothing can help you save up unnecessary space taken.

You may clear clothing that may be out of style or no longer fit and hold on to those that you love and wear often. Rather than throwing it in the bin, you may donate suitable condition clothing to a charity organisation or sell them for extra cash.

2. Old bulky furniture

You might want to consider selling or donating extra furniture, especially if you are moving to a smaller place. If the particular furniture holds a special place in your heart, you might want to consider giving it away to someone who needs it and can take care of it. However, if it does not hold any value and you no longer need it, donating it or engaging a furniture removal and disposal service helps to rid of the “burden”. Fortunately, at JC Movers, our range of professional moving services include furniture disposal.

3. Books you no longer read

Most people have a respectable set of books at their home, whether it is books from years of studies or other reading materials. Moving your entire collection of reading materials to your new home is not the wisest decision. Not only are they unnecessarily heavy, but they also take up much-needed storage spaces, which could be used for other essential homewares, such as kitchenware.


At the end of the day, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving transition is more than getting rid of items you no longer use or need. Engaging residential movers who are experienced and efficient in packing and moving your items safely is a fundamental decision that eases your burdens.

On top of our house moving services, JC Movers also offer office relocation movers, furniture storage services, and furniture removal and disposal services. Contact our team to find out more about our services and how we can help you relocate to your new home or office more efficiently.

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