How To Get Your Company Ready To Move To Their New Office

How To Get Your Company Ready To Move To Their New Office

There are several things you must convey in order to prepare your employees for an office move. Moving to a new office space can be an overwhelming process and undoubtedly involves proper planning and adequate preparation ahead of time. There are many things in your office that can be removed or kept for your new space, such as bulky office furniture and equipment.

A company might decide to move to a new space for several reasons, such as business expansion or the expiration of your office space lease. However, no matter what your reasons may be, moving to a new space is a huge task, especially for the senior management team. Besides ensuring that all essential office equipment and supplies are moved to the new location, it is also crucial to consider adjustment periods, reorganisation, transitional workflows, and staff morale.

In this article, we have compiled a couple of tips to help you get your company ready to move to its new office better.

1. Staff communication is key

The last thing your employee expect is last-minute life-changing news. Staff communication is vital for a worry- and fuss-free office move. By telling them early, you give them plenty of time to get ready, both physically and mentally. Besides informing them about the impending move, you also need to share the reasons behind the move.

Providing your staff with specific information regarding the move, such as when it will take place and clear instructions on preparing for the office move, is vital to ease any strain and stress experienced.

2. Help your employees adapt to the move

You would want your staff to be part of the relocating process. Hence, inform them on when they need to start packing their stuff and how they should pack the office, and also if they have been assigned any specific duties during the relocation process. Consider allowing them some leeway in their work as it will lower the stress of moving, giving them enough time to adapt.

The recommended action to consider is to engage experienced office movers in Singapore that can help with the packing of essential, fragile office items.

3. Encourage your employees to declutter and organize

The relocation process provides the ideal opportunity for decluttering and organising your current office. It is the best time for you and your employees to pack away any unused or rarely used equipment, papers, or files effectively and efficiently. This will help to start the process of moving to the new office. In this process, any unnecessary or unused items can be removed. You do not need to bring every item from your current office to your new office. Fortunately, at JC Movers, we provide furniture removal and disposal services to help your company start afresh in your new office space.

4. Establish comprehensive moving strategies

Moving to a new office space is complex enough. With the addition of ensuring that your company is still operational and functional, it can be overwhelming. Work with your senior management team to establish comprehensive moving strategies to maintain healthy workflows to meet critical work deadlines despite being busy with the move.

5. Engage a moving company

There are many advantages of engaging office moving companies. Not only does it take unnecessary pressure and stress off your employees as they manage their work deadlines, but professional movers are also experienced in packing, moving, and unpacking your office, making your relocation process smooth and streamlined.

Our team of office relocation movers are all experienced in packing and transporting bulky and fragile office items. When you engage our moving services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your company is handled with the best care.


Moving to your new office space can be a stressful affair, and while you cannot avoid all stressors, you can minimise them by engaging in professional moving services in Singapore. We recommend that you start planning for your move as early as possible. You may contact us at +65 9861 9916 to find out more about our relocation services!

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