Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Shifting Furniture

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Shifting Furniture

Moving to a new place can be a complex and tiring affair, involving many house-moving challenges, elements, and factors, one of which is planning to get every belonging to your new home. Many homeowners often spend a couple of days packing their stuff into boxes before the big day. However, many also neglect furniture and the importance of planning their move right.

Therefore, if you are moving to your new place soon, this post might be the help you are looking for to avoid common mistakes. In this post, we have highlighted some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when moving furniture, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

1. Not disassembling the furniture

It can be straightforward and time-saving to assume that you can shift your furniture without ever needing to disassemble them. While it may be true for smaller furniture, the same cannot be said for bulkier furniture. Bulky furniture can lead to all sorts of issues during moving day, for example, not being able to fit through your main door. Hence, as much as possible, you might want to consider disassembling them to a more manageable size before the big day, even if you are unsure if it is necessary. It is better to play safe than worrying or struggling later.

2. Trying to shift the furniture on their own

Often, as a result of trying to speed up the loading and unloading of furniture, it might lead to unnecessary injuries due to wrong shifting methods. Heavy and bulky furniture, as well as awkwardly shaped ones, can be rather hard to shift. As such, it is always recommended to acquire assistance in this process, whether it is getting family and friends to help or hiring professional movers.

The ideal strategy is to engage proper house moving services as they not only are able to speed up the moving process, but they come with the necessary tools and experience to help you manoeuvre bulky furniture with ease. That way, you are able to focus on other aspects of the move.

3. Completely empty the furniture

When packing up their belongings for the big day, most homeowners fall into the trap of thinking that it is necessary to clear out every piece of furniture. The truth is entirely the opposite. Not only do you create unnecessary work for yourself, but you also run the risk of losing smaller items during the move. The thing is that most furniture removal and disposal companies do not mind homeowners leaving small, light, non-fragile belongings in, for example, a chest of drawers. When doing so, not only do you know where your personal items are, but you also save on the number of boxes being used.

4. Not pre-planning a route for the furniture

Getting every piece of furniture into your home was one thing. Getting them out and into your new home is another. Many homeowners neglected the fact that most of their current furniture came in boxes and had to be assembled from scratch. Hence, even before beginning to move your furniture, take sufficient time to measure your furniture to see if it will fit through specific corners of your home and even doorways. Most residential movers in Singapore offer on-site assessments to assess what needs to be done before the move as well as provide accurate moving rates.

5. Neglecting the importance of furniture packing materials

There are a wide variety of packing materials in the market, such as felt transit and plastic protection. While they are highly beneficial during the move, many homeowners often regard them as unnecessary, which is a huge mistake. Packing materials are designed to protect your furniture during the move by preventing any unexpected damage. When getting packing materials, do not forget about purchasing plastic floor protection too. While not many homeowners use them, they are useful as they help to keep your flooring or carpets clean and in good condition.


Now that you are aware of some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when shifting furniture, you can now avoid making the same mistakes. As long as you consider everything that has been mentioned in this article, your moving day can be worry-free.

Nevertheless, whether you are looking for house movers or office movers in Singapore, be sure to reach us at JC movers. We provide homeowners with a wide range of relocation services, and we are more than happy to help you with your move. You can be assured our team are highly trained and experienced.

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