Common House-Moving Challenges Most Face & How To Overcome

Common House-Moving Challenges Most Face & How To Overcome

Moving to a new place is, without a doubt, a stressful event, and many homeowners can agree that the most stressful part of moving to their new home is the moving day itself. Whether they do it themselves or engage professional moving services, things do not always go the way you want, and you may be faced with several challenges before being able to relax in your new home fully.

In our years helping homeowners move houses, we have realised that many homeowners face similar challenges and knowing them in advance certainly helps to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Hence, in this guide, we have compiled the most common house-moving challenges homeowners face and how you can overcome them.

Furniture removal and disposal companies are fully booked

The long school holidays are often the peak period for families to move due to the parents being able to take more time off work. For most schools in Singapore, the long holidays are in the middle and end of the year. During these periods, you may find it hard to hire a furniture removal and disposal company with availability to help you move.

Hence, to prevent such hassles, always make sure to book moving services as soon as you know your moving date.

Damaging of belongs during transit

Whether you are moving across the street or from one end of Singapore to the other, there is a possibility that your personal items might get damaged during transit, especially if you did not pack properly. Hence, we always recommend our customers engage in proper house moving services. Not only will our team of professional residential movers ensure the best packing methods for your personal belongings, but they will also use quality wrap protection for every box and furniture to keep them extra safe.

Falling behind on a moving day

Time flies by quickly during moving days, and it can be easy to fall behind schedule because you have lots of things to manage. That is why it is crucial to hire professional house movers who are experienced and efficient, allowing you to focus on other essential matters.

Furniture unable to fit through doorways

Many homeowners face challenges moving their furniture during moving days. Besides being heavy and awkward to move, large pieces of furniture are unable to fit through their doorway, resulting in delays and frustration. Hence, it is always crucial to measure your furniture before moving day to allow you to decide if dismantling is necessary for the move.

Moving costs end up being more than expected

It is not unusual for homeowners to be charged more than what was initially quoted due to last-minute extra items or services during the move. Hence, to avoid such a surprise and to ensure your service quote is as accurate as possible, it is best to engage a moving company that offers home visits. JC movers’ free onsite assessment is the best time for you to show the move manager what needs to be moved, allowing you to get a more accurate quote. Also, if you are looking to try and reduce the final cost of moving, it might be best to declutter before the onsite assessment.


Now that you are aware of the common house-moving challenges that most homeowners face, you are able to avoid them and plan ahead for your own. At the end of the day, it always bid well to spend the extra money and engage a professional house moving company. Should you need the help of an experienced company to make your house-moving stress-free and efficient, then contact us at JC Movers.

We provide an extensive range of services, from residential moving to commercial moving services as well as warehouse storage and disposal services. Our team are experienced and well-trained to the highest standard, assuring you peace of mind.

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